Sonlight Science: Literature-based, Hands-on, & STEM-integrated

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Sonlight Science: Literature-based, Hands-on, and STEM-integrated

As part of the new product releases of 2021, Sonlight Science has been revamped! Taking a hint from national science standards, the product development team has enriched the existing Sonlight Science and made it more robust. This new Science still has the same literature-rich foundation that all Sonlight programs have, but now the week's experiment ties directly to what's being studied for the week. You still have an experiment book, a supply kit, Activity Sheets, and an Instructor's Guide which lays everything out for you.

Sonlight Science Is Literature-based

As part of the revamping process, the product development team went through each of the books used in Sonlight Science to make sure they are the best books on the subject. They replaced out-of-date titles and added new ones, always making sure the titles are age-appropriate books with great illustrations and easy-to-understand explanations just like you've always come to expect from Sonlight.

You'll see old favorites like The Magic School Bus. And you'll see a lot of new books about inventors and engineering. Just as before, each level still has a science biography. These books teach you about a scientist's work, how they came to their discoveries, and the mistakes that they made along their scientific journey. For example, Level C includes a new biography of Nikola Tesla.

Sonlight Science Is Hands-on

For 2021, Sonlight Science takes a new approach with the weekly experiments. We've always had an engaging combination of reading about science and then experiencing science at home with an activity. But the program didn't always tie the weekly activity directly to that week's reading passages.

Now everything is clearly connected so the activity you do each week correlates with the books you read.

Just like before, Sonlight Science provides the materials and clear directions you need to do the activities. You simply gather the materials you need and walk through the instructions. You'll have a no-stress, successful experience with your kids.

Sonlight Science Is STEM-integrated

Also brand new for 2021 is the STEM integration. The product development team incorporated the Next Generation Science Standards' emphasis on thinking like an engineer into the curriculum.

The programs guide students to define a problem and then come up ways to provide a solution. Children will test their possible solutions, make improvements, and really learn how to think like a scientist as they use science for practical applications.

Kids love this approach because they can take the reins and explore. It's a modern approach that builds on a child's natural curiosity, encouraging them to make guesses, take things apart, try different approaches, and observe results.

This ability to think scientifically is a skill that teens will need both in college and/or in the workforce. In fact, every adult needs these skills!

Watch the Video Introduction to New Sonlight Science

For a more in-depth discussion, play the video below. It also includes an experiment demonstration at the end.

A Typical Week of Sonlight Science

The first three days of a week, you'll be reading books with your child. Your Instructor's Guide includes lots of notes that point out concepts and vocabulary words to discuss and tells you any household supplies you'll need for day four (that aren't already included in your supply kit).

Day four is your experiment day. On this day, you generally don't have a reading passage. Instead you work through your activity. Children who are in fourth grade or up may be able to do the experiment on their own! The directions are clearly explained.

The fifth day is your day to read from high interest books about inventions or engineering.

Sonlight Science: Literature-based, Hands-on, and STEM-integrated
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