"Promise Me You'll Eat My Legs"

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Mary Grace wrote about the lifeboat value game. The basic premise: How do you choose who lives and who dies if forced to make that choice?

And this "game" is played in public middle schools.

A similar type question was posed in The Dark Knight--for those of you who are fans of that movie: Two ferries, one with women and children, the other with hardened criminals and guards; both have a detonator to the other boat. If neither of them pushes the button, they both blow up at midnight. The clock is ticking.

Mary Grace ties this to our dying society, and I think she makes some excellent points.

Bottom line: We've got to consider our worldview when we think about today's issues.

And today I ran into the opposite worldview on this whole "nurses offering to pray for patients" thing [NB: He drops a couple f-bombs in his post]. In fact, this issue is seen as a much wider political movement aimed at allowing all sorts of crazy things.


I can see why people would be bothered by medical professionals proselytizing their loved ones on their death bed. I even get the argument of: They wouldn't want me to offer to pray to Satan for them, would they? But offered in true humility, I think prayer is a very good thing.

This post feels really disjointed, and I think that's because I feel all these ideas are connected but I can't synthesize them down to a cohesive point. But if we hope to progress as a society, we must look to love one another, stand up against evil, and offer to give our seat in the lifeboat to someone else. And maybe that's it: The issues in all these instances is pride and misplaced loyalty/focus... because, honestly, who doesn't want to be cared for, who doesn't want to be respected, who doesn't want society to thrive?

I think what we often forget is that, sometimes, we have to offer to get out of boat to make that possible.

And that's a lesson you'll be able to work on much more effectively at home.

With that, I'm getting out of the boat.

Actually, I'm just going home for the evening.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

P.S. Bonus points to the person who knows where the title comes from... since my movie quote was so well accepted yesterday. And, yes, it does apply to today's post <smile>.

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