"Run for it, Marty!"

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I love that moment in Back to the Future when Doc Brown says, "They found me. I don't know how, but they found me!" Cracks me up [NB: This movie has some language in it, and the quotes page reflects this fact].

And every once in a while someone asks me, "How did you find my blog?"

My answer is typically: I'm not sure. I read a lot of blogs, so maybe I was linked to you. Or perhaps you showed up in my Google Alerts for Sonlight or homeschooling.

So far no one has responded with: Who are you? Big Brother?*

But that day can't be far off. ...especially since I use Twitter search to see what people are saying about Sonlight there. And sometimes I even respond. I imagine it's quite frightening. You type out a pithy 140 character statement about your homeschooling experience and suddenly this "Luke_Holzmann" guy has responded. Who is he? Why he is watching you? What's going on?

This fear keeps me from replying at times.

Like today:

I started preschool at age 4. I used Sonlight, but I recommend the cheap route: READ and use workbooks http://tinyurl.com/d774ne

I held back, even though I wanted to say: Amazon is not cheaper! We've tested that theory.


I know, I know: If you take the time to scrounge around for used copies--especially of a whole Core--you can make out like a bandit. And I'm thrilled for families who can now experience the joy of Sonlight because of opportunities like these. It just bugs me when people claim we're "expensive" when our packages are cheaper than trying to get the books from other retailers.

But I keep my mouth shut--only sharing my feelings with you, my trusted comrades--and bind my time. The day will come when
I will rule the world! <Bwa hahaha ha!>

...did I just say that out loud?

Come to think of it, perhaps you'd better run for it, Marty!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

*Though people do come back and ask about my connection to Sonlight. "I am the Media Relations Specialist and my parents founded the company."
Nepotism, friends, I haz it.

...that last part is mostly in jest, but I do feel the pressure of that stereotype.

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