Life is so Daily

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Do you ever get the feeling like your life is on a "rinse/repeat" cycle? You know, that nagging feeling like you did this whole "life" thing yesterday and will get up and do it again tomorrow?

I get that feeling from time to time as I make my way down the dark hall to the shower in the morning. In fact, I get that feeling sometimes when I lie down at night.
[Aside: Oh my. I had to look that up again: "Lie" means to "speak with the purpose of deception" or to "assume a horizontal position." "Lay," on the other hand, means "to put something down {in a horizontal position}" or to "be in a horizontal position." wonder I'm confused. English can be crazy.]

I'm not the first person to feel this way. I think the author of Ecclesiastes felt that way too--you know, the whole, "everything is meaningless" mantra. And with this comes the realization that your past successes don't matter a lick if you mess up the present.

For instance: It doesn't matter that you haven't lost your temper for the past week if you lose it now.

There's a quote that fits perfectly with this, but I was unable to find a proper citation, "The problem with the Christian life is that it's so daily."

That's the problem with the homeschooler's life too.

So, what's the solution? How do we deal with the monotony and repetition of life?

Here are a few ideas, but please share yours as well:

1. Enjoy the change. As mundane as life can seem, change is all around us. Our kids get older, the seasons shift (unless you're in California <smile>), and "markers" come and go, such as birthdays, holidays and major events.

2. Accept the newness of each day. Even if you're not religious, the fact remains: His mercies are new every morning. That statement has more practical application for those of faith, but just as our past successes don't matter as much as our present choices, the same is true of our shortcomings. The fact that the past holds less significance than the present makes every moment an opportunity for life to get better.

3. Mix it up. I'm a creature of habit. I love sticking to a schedule so my brain doesn't have to think too much. I just automatically do the same thing... which is why, when driving, my wife has to remind me to keep going straight if I normally turn at an intersection. I get on autopilot. But if you're feeling like you've ended up in the doldrums, shake things up. If that means running off to the park or picking up ice cream, go for it.

So, yes, life is daily. And, sure, we could get discouraged by that fact, or we could see it as an opportunity.

Have you seen the movie Groundhog Day? If every day was the same you could spend it learning to toss cards into a hat, or you could see how much good you could do.

May I encourage you to do the latter.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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