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Sonlight has close to a hundred posts, videos, and podcasts packed with helpful tools, tips, and tricks to help you on your homeschool adventure. Even if you're not a Sonlighter, these resources are a great place to start if you'd like encouragement, suggestions, or insights from other homeschoolers. But sometimes giant lists of materials can be overwhelming. That's why we offer four simple emails to get you started (or reinvigorate your current journey).

Click here to subscribe to one or all of the series.

  • You could get started with a brief selection of preschool tips.
  • Take in an introduction to the seven "essentials" of learning spread out over a few weeks.
  • Or slowly gain confidence with bi-weekly messages from our "Homeschooling with Excellence" series or the Beam.

You can love learning!

Why is this great?

First, rather than hoping something helpful floats across your Facebook feed or catches your eye on Pinterest, these helpful tips come to you. They show up in your inbox, ready when you are. And should you decide that the series you have isn't right for you, you can unsubscribe from that list with a couple clicks and sign up for a new set of insights that meets your needs.

Second, these messages are tailored to meet you where you are. If you have preschoolers, sign up for that one. If you're still not totally sure about homeschooling in general, our "excellence" series is for you (especially if this is your first year). Find the messages that resonate with you and check them out.

Third, the content is focused. This blog is fantastic <cough cough> but it can ramble now and again. We share everything from chocolate chip cookie recipes to complaints about Sonlight and the benefits of sleeping in. Which is awesome. And you should totally subscribe to this blog via email or RSS. ...but you're busy and sometimes you don't have time to real dig into a discussion of why homeschoolers are behind in school. Sometimes you just want those little nudges of encouragement every now and then, not every single day. And in that case, sign up for some homeschool encouragement.

The last thing you need is a few more emails to wade through. But it could be that a few carefully selected reminders that what you're doing is awesome and important ... that, that could be exactly what you need.

Check out the email series from Sonlight and subscribe the one(s) that'd be helpful to you today.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Pseudo-Dad

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