Did You Figure It Out?

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I was sitting at lunch today when I heard from across the kitchen, "Commodore Perry is in the house."

I smiled. 'Ah, the quirky culture of Sonlight.'

Picking up on the theme, a coworker shared about our Core A (which was fairly quickly renamed considering even the SCCs couldn't keep the Cores all straight that year <smile>). The people in the warehouse called it "Core F" because of the title: Fiction, Fairy Tales, and Fun for Little Learners. In fact, one of the guys wasn't even aware of the real title and so called it "Core F" in a meeting, which caused his coworkers to bust into guffaws.

But the cultural bit from this post's title comes from my good friend Mike--who works a cube over. Mike will often walk by and ask, "Did you figure it out?"

I tend to reply with something befitting my current situation, ranging from: "No, I haven't even started thinking about it yet," to, "Yep, fixed it yesterday."

Laura Lee, who is in the spot between us, finally asked us about it.

Toward the Kitchen

Well, Mike's question is much like: "How you doin'?" It's rhetorical. The fact that I choose to answer it honestly and with much detail is an indication of my own quirks.

Now whenever I launch into a lengthy description of my latest quandary, Laura Lee laughs along with us because, honestly, no one is ever going to "figure it out." There's always something that needs tweaking, changing, or reconsidering. And that's why Sonlight is constantly working to update our materials and make things clearer (even if sometimes we don't quite do that... as typified by our ill-labeled "Core A"). But even in the ever changing landscape of life, some things remain consistent, or at least a part of our experience.

Our quirks and fond memories are that way.

Here's an experience that came out of our house last night, courtesy of "The Joy of Cooking" page 504:


So, did you figure it out?

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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