Curriculum Nomads

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Nomads are:

  1. Desert wanderers
  2. Those who follow their food supply
  3. Desperate

I giggled as I filled in the answer.

This month in our morning prayer groups we're praying for the Fulbe nomadic peoples. One of the themes that keeps surfacing is the cost of a nomadic lifestyle. Nomads miss out on certain stabilities and benefits of a consistent home. In fact, one of the main prayer points a few days ago was for God to send missionaries willing to live a nomadic lifestyle as they join the Fulbe.

Homeschool culture appears to be shifting toward a nomadic lifestyle. Families, looking for greener grass elsewhere, abandon their current curriculum. Some never return to the lush richness of something they loved. They wander instead.

How much, I wonder, do we lose when we leave the wonderful thing we have?

Just to be painfully clear: If your current program isn't working, find one that does. Yes, even Sonlight may not be the best choice for your family. And I'm absolutely in favor of you switching from something you don't love to Sonlight <smile>. There is nothing wrong with finding the program that is right for your family. But as more and more curriculum options are born, I'm noticing curriculum nomads head out into the desert in a desperate search for the perfect program.

Have you switched homeschool programs? How has the change been? If you've switched away from Sonlight, did you/do you love your new curriculum?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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