Cold Hard Truth

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"Sonlight's Bible programs feel rather academic," she said. "They don't give off the warm fuzzies other programs offer."

I laughed. "That's because my dad is behind them!"

As I've written before, my dad soaks in knowledge. He is unafraid to confront uncomfortable ideas as he seeks truth.

I've been listening to Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi's Must the Sun Set On the West series. In his lecture From Tolerance to Terrorism, Dr. Mangalwadi points out that the idea of tolerance is founded on the Christian belief that truth will ultimately win. Thus ideas should be freely expressed and discussed. My dad is interested in truth. And I am too.

The "warm fuzzies" don't interest me much. Truth matters more than how I feel about it. And so I'm rarely bothered, no matter how cold and hard things get, because truth will ultimately win. There is no need, as Dr. Mangalwadi notes, for us to use "the sword" to force truth on people.

I believe Sonlight lays an excellent foundation for Biblical study. Over the course of your Sonlight years you will read through the Bible several times. You will also get a healthy dose of global perspective as you read about how God has worked--and is working--around the world. The questions and ideas you encounter will stretch your faith and, at times, ask you to confront the cold hard questions of life. Why? So you can get to truth.

Truth matters. And that's why Sonlight's Bible programs are as academic as they are.

And just so you know: We've receive some fantastic feedback and hope to make our Bible programs even better in the years to come.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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