Finding the Right Pair of Pants

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You fidget in the tiny room. The mirror glowers back at you.

"These don't work either," your reflection admits. Finally, you settle on a pair of pants that seem to work. They're different from your last cut, but they may grow on you.

Pants are expensive. Clothes in general are expensive. But we need them.

You bring the pants home and wear them for a few months. In that time your children spill on them, the knees get a little worn and--like me--you accidentally mark them with a pen.

I Marked These Yesterday while proofing the Catalog

After several months of wear and tear you realize the pants aren't really you. You don't like the way they look and you're not thrilled with the range of motion. You now regret your purchase.

"It would be so nice to be able to return clothes after you've tried them for half a year," my co-worked mused.

I nodded in agreement, looking at the mark I'd recently added to my pant leg. "That's why Sonlight's Love to Learn Guarantee blows me away. You can use half the books, mark them up, try them out and if you don't absolutely love them in that first year, you can still get your money back."

This guarantee is as generous as it is because my mom does not want you to have to go through what she experienced her first year of homeschooling. If you'd like to "try on" Sonlight and see if it fits your family, know that you have a year to try up to half of the materials to see if you absolutely love it. If not, we've got you covered.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Andrea

    You've got my *what* covered? :D (just askin', since you WERE talking about pants...)

  2. Luke

    My, but that was an epic typo, wasn't it?


  3. Jenn4him

    Sonlight is very generous in offering this guarantee. I have to tell you that I used it when my son was entering kindergarten. I was one of those moms who could not wait to start school. When my oldest was 4 I decided I could not wait any longer and bought our first core. We crashed and burned. I was so frustrated that I sent it all back. I am ashamed now. All I really needed to do was just be more patient, putting it away until he was ready. I through the baby out with the bath water, so to speak. Well, we learned out mistake and ordered it again the next year. We've loved every Core since and are looking forward to high school with Sonlight. :-)

  4. Luke

    Jenn, glad to hear the Guarantee was helpful for you... and that you're still loving Sonlight <smile>.