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A Reason to Homeschool: Lay a Foundation

As I wrote about my high school experiences, I was surprised to discover that so much of it was... bad. Why did I enjoy that experience when there were so many things that were simply not enjoyable? In answer, a … Continue reading

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Woman Contribute to the Kingdom of God

First published in the March/April 2009 edition of Practical Homeschooling, this article by Sarita Holzmann compares a disturbing trend in some of today's homeschool families that mirrors the tragedy of the disappearance of women's mission societies. The Future of Homeschooling … Continue reading

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God's promises about the Messiah

Throughout the Old Testament, God told his people that a Messiah was coming. Jesus Christ fulfilled those prophecies! Here are some key verses of prophecy that Jesus—the Messiah—fulfilled when he came. There are many more prophecies about the Messiah throughout … Continue reading

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Unregistered Private Schools . . .

James Tooley writes an inspiring article about Private Schools for the Poor worldwide. He and a team of researchers have gone into the slums of Hyderabad, India; Ga, Ghana; Kibera, Kenya; Gansu Province, China; Delhi, India; and Lagos, Nigeria. In … Continue reading

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Why You Will Find Contradictions in History

We at Sonlight hear from clients who are confused by "problems" they find in our history books. You might read one thing in one of our books, and then see something else in another book, on television, or from another … Continue reading

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Practical tips: Creating space for your schoolroom

You don't have to turn your home into a school in order for your children to learn, but sometimes it's nice to have a little space set aside solely for learning, educational games, science experiments, or even simply a quiet … Continue reading

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Young- and Old-Earth Creationists: Can We Even Talk Together?

Preface Over the last few years, it appears that the vast majority of evangelical Christian homeschoolers--and certainly the majority of leaders in the evangelical Christian homeschool movement--have aligned themselves with a particular interpretation of Genesis 1-11. Specifically, they have aligned … Continue reading

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