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Young- and Old-Earth Creationists: Can We Even Talk Together?

Preface Over the last few years, it appears that the vast majority of evangelical Christian homeschoolers--and certainly the majority of leaders in the evangelical Christian homeschool movement--have aligned themselves with a particular interpretation of Genesis 1-11. Specifically, they have aligned … Continue reading

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How to Motivate Your Children to Write Well

Many parents wonder how to motivate their children to write their best. As you might imagine, there are several different schools of thought on how to do this. Some believe in begging, pleading, and threatening. "Write because I told you … Continue reading

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And so the plot thickens.

As I noted in my June 11th post, Professor Robert David Johnson of Brooklyn College dared to criticize that college's School of Education (SOE) for its use–or abuse–of "social justice" as a kind of gate-keeper against entry to the educational … Continue reading

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Are Public School Administrators Worth the Taxpayers' Money ?

Linda Seebach, a Rocky Mountain News editorial writer, brought this one to my attention. Her article is titled Report: Grad programs for school leaders appalling. She refers to Arthur Levine's report, "Educating School Leaders," from the Education Schools Project ( … Continue reading

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Create some room for alternative viewpoints

According to a recent article in The New York Sun, you are less and less likely to find room for alternative viewpoints in America's public schools. Aspiring teachers are now being evaluated not only unofficially and informally according to their … Continue reading

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It's All About the Kids, Y'know . . .

Isabel Gottlieb, a holder of multiple varsity letters in sports, won't be permitted to graduate from her high school . . . because she hasn't taken enough Phys Ed, according to the school principal. At the school she used to … Continue reading

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Apply a bit of American history and jurisprudence . . .

Karen Scherr of Kingwood, TX, has the highest GPA in her graduating class. She has attended Kingwood Public Schools since kindergarten. But she won't be class valedictorian unless the powers-that-be decide to bend a little on a 15-year-old rule that … Continue reading

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