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Bible as Literature

Thought this was a fascinating commentary from the Chicago Tribune: When American novelists gave their books titles like "East of Eden," "Absalom, Absalom!" and "Song of Solomon," they assumed their audience would immediately understand the biblical allusions. With today's readers, … Continue reading

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Why homeschool?

Wyatt Webb, an MIT graduate and homeschooling father from Oregon (and lead programmer with Inspiration Software in Portland, Oregon) wrote a great article about "The Benefits of Home Schooling." If you need a good summary, look no further. Among the … Continue reading

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I've read three separate "articles" in the past couple of days that all seemed to coalesce in my mind. Let's see if I can bring them together for you. First was an article by Kay S. Hymowitz called "What’s Holding … Continue reading

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Force-fed or hungry

Two educational models; two very different results . . . A lot of people view education as a process somewhat akin to force-feeding a prisoner on a hunger strike. The student is determined to refuse all educational input; the teacher … Continue reading

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