Balancing Act: Social Media and SEO

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There's a tension in the web world. It's a war between man and machines. We built them, they have gained a perceived level of sentience, and now we must beat them back. I can't wait for the blockbuster film next year:

Social Media vs. SEO

See, I need Sonlight's web pages to be helpful. To be helpful, they must contain information that is easy to read and talks to you about the subject you're interested in. "Sonlight's Core programs form the foundation of your school year. Easily add Language Arts, Science, Math and Electives to the Core's History and Literature." That's the kind of thing I'd want to include on a page or blog post about Sonlight's Core programs.

But I'm not creating web pages just for humans. In order for humans to find these pages, a roving bot must first decide the page is important enough to show to a human. So I have to change the text to make it clear to a computer what I'm talking about: "Sonlight's Christian homeschool curriculum Core programs form the foundation of your homeschool year. Easily add Language Arts, Science, Math and Electives packages to your Core History and Literature homeschool curriculum programs."

Wait, there's more.

I also need to make it extra clear in the code that I'm super serious about this. So I add all this hidden text and emphasize things in code to ensure the search engine bot puts my page where you can find it:

Christian Homeschool Curriculum Packages

I've been trying to balance the two as I've been updating some homeschool curriculum package pages on Sonligth's homeschool curriculum site. I want you to be able to Buy Homeschool Curriculum for Your Homeschool when you search for Christian Homeschool Curriculum online. And yet... I want it to be readable.

Have you had to balance man and machine? Who won?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

P.S. Have you considered Sonlight's Christian Homeschool Curriculum Packages for your homeschool curriculum needs?

P.P.S. Make it stop!!!

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  1. Knitwit

    I especially like your PS's. But what's SEO stand for?

  2. Luke

    Knitwit, I realized a while after posting that I had been a bad blogger by not defining my terms. SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization"... which is basically trying to make your website show up #1 on Google (or, at least, on the first page). We want to be near the top on Google so that people looking for "Homeschool Curriculum" click through and find Sonlight.

    Sorry I didn't include that in my post.