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This blog has been in flux. That's not surprising since I just started it last week. (Sorry to all of you who tried to access the blog last week while we were fighting with the URL and ISP.)

The latest change: I just added a fun little Facebook icon over on the right there.

Am I actively promoting Facebook? No, but I will say that even my mom has started using it to keep herself connected with my little brother while he's away at college. This is important.

An interesting article from "Digital Directions" talks about how kids in school are getting busted for posting pictures of themselves drinking and such online. There is also a lot of online bullying going on as well.

So, wouldn't you like to know what's happening to your kid out in the world? If your child is using Facebook, Myspace, has a blog, or is active anywhere online... ask him or her to become your friend and add their blog to your RSS reader. It's just one more way you can stay "up" on what is happening in your child's life.

And if you have trouble figuring out this whole "social networking" thing, ask questions. Your kids may roll their eyes, but your active interest in what they are up to is important to them. And if you get really stuck, you can always post a question here. I'm happy to help <smile>.

And while on the topic of things I've put over on the right, I don't want to be redundant with the "Other Posts of Note", but Lyn Newton just said that "teachers should be parents." Of course, as a public school teacher she is advocating parents becoming teachers in the school system, but she's right: Parents should be teachers... you've already been one.

Tomorrow I will tell you about something I just learned about on It's way cool.

Oh, the suspense!

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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