A Community of Prayer

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I've had a follow up post to A Reason Not to Homeschool almost ready to go since Friday morning, but my sister's baby totally took over. My other post is coming, but I have to take care of current business first:

Baby Grace is doing well, as is Jonelle. My dad's blog has a ton of photos and all the latest.

I was, as I said on Friday, blown away by your response and prayers. Thank you. Words do not express the gratitude I feel at the outpouring of your support. Your immediate and continued prayers powerfully demonstrated the kind of community we are: A community of support and love. A community of prayer.

I am so honored to be a part of this community. What a privilege!

Three things struck me today:

1. I want to remind you that we absolutely want to support you in prayer as well. If you don't feel like sharing your prayer matter with the world via Facebook, we do have the private Prayer Closet on our Forums. We pray for these needs on a weekly basis within our prayer groups.

2. With great popularity comes great opportunity. You may not read my posts often. You may not know me very well. You may not really care what I think about. But when I posted with the Sonlight logo on Facebook an urgent prayer need, you responded. 144 comments here. 50 there. More and more pouring in. Absolutely inspiring and humbling. I'm not a celebrity in the homeschool world,* but the Sonlight logo gave me a certain amount of clout. This is both wonderful and sobering.

Sobering because my friends who have equally weighty needs don't have the instant support that I did. They aren't connected to a well-known name. Their needs aren't as pressing. And so their burdens fall more squarely on their shoulders.

May we as a loving community of believers draw together for all needs. May we continue to support one another ever more. And may those who feel alone, abandoned, in need and still wanting be comforted. I know I need to grow in this area. Which leads to...

3. The Leech Effect. I hate bringing up the same prayer request week after week in our prayer groups. It feels draining, unproductive. And so I don't mention it. Worse yet, there are times when a need is brought up yet again that I think, 'This again?'

How terrible of me! May we never weary in doing good and constantly bring our needs before the Lord.

That said, what can I pray with you about today?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

*Not for lack of trying, mind you. <smile>

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