Your Favorite Sonlight Book?

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Some days I sit in front of my empty blog post, my mind as empty as the text area. What should I write about?

If you're suffering from a similar situation, I suggest you blog about your favorite Sonlight book. Talk about what you love about the book. And be sure to include links to it and mention your Rewards ID so people have the opportunity to save $5 on their first purchase and you earn points toward your next purchase too.

Sweet deal!

My favorite Sonlight book? It's a toss-up between Till We Have Faces and The Gammage Cup.*

Till We Have Faces is an incredible look at the injustice of God and provides new insight into the book of Job. Why does God not answer us? Why does He seem to purposely mislead us? Why doesn't He give us what we long for? Why does it seem like He's toying with us? What if we could put God on trial for every wrong and incongruity in our lives? What would He say? If you've ever had the thought that you could really "stick it to God"--and I certainly have--this book is an important one to read. The answer may not be what we want, but Till We Have Faces presents the tension beautifully.

The Gammage Cup is less serious, but no less insightful. Full of wordplay and lovable characters, this adventure story has it all: outcasts shunned for being different, an invading evil horde, a hot air balloon, swords, spears, suspense and, yes, even romance that left this man grinning ear to ear.

So what's your favorite book? Go forth and write! And don't forget to include your Rewards ID.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

*Of course, we all know that my favorite Sonlight title is Time for Friends... but that was too self-serving to mention. <grin>

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