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I enjoy commercials. I don't like ads, but I enjoy commercials. The difference? In my mind, one is selling me something, the other is a fun way to tell me about something. Attempts to sell me something bother me because I'm not going to buy the thing. But I'm happy to have a laugh.

But I wonder: How many commercials are effective? I have yet to purchase something from the companies who produce my favorite commercials.

And that is one reason why--despite the fact that really enjoy this video from Old Spice--I won't be spoofing Old Spice for any Sonlight videos. Though, the thought did cross my mind.*

But I did draw a picture of it:

Me in a Towel

Of course, there's nothing from Sonlight that has pictures of me in a towel. But I do show up in spandex in a couple MathTacular videos. You can see one such sample here (half-way down the page).

The concept that Old Spice has put together with these short videos responding to Tweets is fun. And I love the fact that he talks to his daughter in the aforementioned video. That little human touch is inspiring.

So what are you favorite commercials? And have you purchased anything from the brands that produce your favorites?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

*Of course, there's also the issue of modesty. I'm guessing someone would have a problem with me hanging out in a towel, even if I'm no longer the "stumbling block" that I was back when I was a national level swimmer... <smile>

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