Your Favorite Sonlight Book - Part II

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Excellent! My plan is working.

<bwahahaha ha!>

Now that you've gone to the effort of telling me about your favorite Sonlight book--I know, I know, you can't pick just one because you love them all--it's time to take this to the next level:

Please post a review of your favorite Sonlight book on Better yet, after reviewing your favorite(s), please review the Core that book came from.


Because saying you love a book/Core program here on my blog/Facebook is wonderful... but very few new homeschoolers are going to see this. People who don't already know about Sonlight's books/homeschool packages will never get to see your insights and joy. But they will see them when they're browsing for homeschool materials.

Help the next generation of homeschoolers--and the generations after that--pick the best homeschool curriculum for their family by leaving your feedback where they can find it: On the product pages of

Thank you!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

P.S. Feel free to leave a review of the books you've hated as well. This is about helping other homeschoolers make the best choice, not about raising all of Sonlight's products to 5 Stars <smile>.

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  1. se7en

    Bwahahaha!!! Right back!!! I just new this would be your follow up post!!!! Very sneaky, I dare say!!! Have a good day!!!

  2. Grateful for Grace

    Ok, I did it. It was painful, but I did it.

  3. Grateful for Grace

    Oh, how hilarious is it that I thought you were asking for a blog post when you were really asking for reviews on the site. Duh. All that work...

    well... off to

    Sorry, dude.
    Hope some homeschoolers find my post. ;-)

  4. Roan

    This is only my second year with Sonlight. I used Core Pre4/5 last year, and this year I am using Core K and Core 5 (yes, at the same time!). Last year we read Across Five Aprils (although not as part of Sonlight), and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I am not sure which core it is in....core 4 I think.

    We just finished Torches of Joy, and my children and I really liked it. My 1st grader (and the other children as well) are begging for more chapters of My Father's Dragon. In fact, my children always beg for more chapters of whatever books I am reading aloud.

    Luke, thanks for visiting my blog. We have laughed and laughed over my son's comment at the dr.'s office!

    I am very pleased with my switch to Sonlight. I am a former unit study user (supplemented with Sonlight books----I always used a Sonlight catalog to pick our books). Now with 5 children in my homeschool, the IG has saved me hours and hours of planning. Opening up our Sonlight boxes was like Christmas morning! I spread all of the books on our dining room table, and my children just sat in there and read and read. Finally, I sorted the books and had to ask them to not read any more until we could "start school"!

    Have a great day!

  5. Eternal Instants

    We are in our fourth week of K5 and thus far my kids and I have loved The Boxcar Children. Well, my kids couldn't get enough. We started reading the week before school started and finished WAY before the end of the time allotted for the book!

    We do all our read alouds at bedtime... A must have for my girls!

  6. Luke

    Se7en, my sneakiness is intended only to demonstrate how easy it is to use Sonlight's Rewards program and help homeschoolers around the world at the same time <smile>.

    Thank you so much, GfG! I loved both posts! Loved 'em! And it looks like several others have found your post already. And I really did want you to blog and post reviews <smile>. Thanks for doing both!

    Wow, thanks for stopping by and sharing, Roan! Thank you!

    Love it, Eternal Insights! <smile>