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I read a post today that brought up the oft shared experience of waiters and waitresses around our nation: Christians are terrible tippers. On top of that, we can often be "demanding, complaining, and down right annoying" right after we finish saying grace, and then "leave a small tip with a track on how to become a believer."



May we always be generous with our blessings, beginning with our physical stuff and time, and then sharing our hope and joy. This is certainly an area I'm growing in. And this morning in Large Group Prayer, my mom shared with the company about how we came to give to the organizations that we do.

I now purposely leave large tips when I go to a restaurant. I try to be friendly and courteous. I want to be a winsome ambassador in how I act and how I give.

And may your children see your good works as well.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

P.S. Heather's post is one of the many that I find every day and include in the "Other Posts of Note" section on this blog. I think these posts are encouraging, thought-provoking, and often very funny. Enjoy!

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