Why Sonlight Books Get Made Into Movies

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His pointy black hair and carefully maintained goatee make him look a bit like Iron Man (you can meet him in my Sonlight Field Tour video at the 5:25 mark). I'm filling my water bottle and he's rinsing out his coffee mug. "Luke," he says to me, "have you seen the Ender's Game trailer?"

I have.

"It's pretty cool. We carry that book."

Ender's Game the Movie

Yep. Like The Great Gatsby (which was recently released as a major motion picture), Ender's Game is a "Sonlight" title. [I know some people take issue with Sonlight "claiming" certain books simply because we carry them. Ender's Game was written five years before Sonlight was founded. Gatsby a few years before that <smile>.] So why are these books being made into movies?

First, I think Hollywood is starved for good, compelling content. There are only so many sequels and knock-offs you can create before it's time to dust off the bookshelves for inspiration.

Second, and more importantly, these are titles that raise big questions and appeal to people. These are books that inspire or challenge or encourage us to read. There is a large fan base, like for The Hobbit, which is gold for the film industry. And if it encourages a few more people to pick up these books and read... that sounds good to me.

Now you're thinking about Twilight and Harry Potter. Those are also books that have been turned into movies. And those are not Sonlight titles. Just because a book is made into a movie that does not mean it's excellent literature. Then again, Potter inspired a generation of kids--and adults--to read books again. When you discover fun stories, it can rekindle your love of literature that may have been snuffed out in the drivel you've been forced to read elsewhere.

Why do Sonlight books get made into movies? Because they're great stories.

What Sonlight title would you like to see on the silver screen?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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