Why Did You Start Homeschooling?

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God leads each of us differently. For me, I've always felt like I just sort of, you know, "end up" someplace. I don't hear God's tell me to do this or that thing but, over time, I often realize that this -- whatever "this" is -- is exactly what I'm supposed to do. I know it. I can look around and see that, despite feeling like I was wandering aimlessly for a while, God was moving me here, like the brilliant chess moves my brother would pull on me if I still allowed him to beat me at chess. I don't like losing, so we never play anymore.

Others experience a much more solid direction from God. However that works, they know they were told to do something, so they do it. God's leading for them is precise and exact.

This Way

So how did you end up in this crazy-awesome world of homeschooling? How did God nudge you to spend your time this way? Why did you start homeschooling?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Guardian

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