"What has Sonlight done to my child?!"

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If you've known about Sonlight for a little while, you've probably heard stories about kids begging to do more school. In fact, a couple years ago there was a picture on the back of the catalog with a little guy who had written a note asking for more school.

But, come on: Let's be real for a minute. Have your kids ever asked to do more school?

Erin's hadn't.

She says in her blog post today:

Let me be totally honest - my kids, while they enjoy school well enough, have never, ever begged to do "more" school, or to do it at a time when it isn't normally scheduled. The thought makes me laugh!

That was, until last night...

I highly recommend you click here to read the whole story.

Now, remember: Sonlight does not guarantee that your kids will ask to do more school. But we do guarantee that you and your kids will love homeschooling with Sonlight. And often, when kids love doing something, they ask to do it more.

I know my siblings and I would often beg for "one more chapter!" I believe the chant went something like: "Read more! Read more! Read more!"

Have your children ever asked to do more school?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Michele

    We're starting a week earlier than we had planned...thank you, Sonlight!



  2. Julie

    Mine don't beg to do school, but I do get the "oh please don't stop there....I hate cliff-hangers!! Just one more chapter!"

  3. mom@peace

    My 16 yr old not only reads his SL Core books, but also all or nearly all of his younger brother's SL Core books (6 yr difference). We've had our books & been doing school for 3 weeks as of today, and he announced that he officially finished reading all of the younger one's books in his spare time. Not necessarily asking for more school, but just doing it!

  4. Lisa

    My 10-year-old loves school and wanted to start earlier in the summer. My 13-year-old doesn't love "school" but he reads constantly and often goes around the house looking for more reading material.

  5. LannaM

    Yes. My 6yo and 4yo will try and convince me to do "just a little more school!" at bedtime between showers and bedtime. Last night we were creating words out of letter tiles after sounding them out. I figure the more I keep it fun, the happier we'll all be. :D

  6. Robin E.

    My kid regularly ask for "one more chapter", and now that I am doing three Cores (if you count the preschooler's Core P3/4), I simply don't have enough time or voice for "one more chapter" the majority of the time. It makes me sad, but there is a benefit to taking the books slower too.

  7. Valley Girl

    We started 4/5 on Wednesday and are through the first week and on Monday of the next already....Madgian just keeps wanting MORE! I hope she never stops♥

  8. Rosslyn Elliott

    My girl regularly reads past wherever we are supposed to be in the books. I just let her. :-) That's my favorite part!

  9. Luke

    Good stuff, friends. Good stuff <smile>.