"What has Sonlight done to my child?!"

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If you've known about Sonlight for a little while, you've probably heard stories about kids begging to do more school. In fact, a couple years ago there was a picture on the back of the catalog with a little guy who had written a note asking for more school.

But, come on: Let's be real for a minute. Have your kids ever asked to do more school?

Erin's hadn't.

She says in her blog post today:

Let me be totally honest - my kids, while they enjoy school well enough, have never, ever begged to do "more" school, or to do it at a time when it isn't normally scheduled. The thought makes me laugh!

That was, until last night...

I highly recommend you click here to read the whole story.

Now, remember: Sonlight does not guarantee that your kids will ask to do more school. But we do guarantee that you and your kids will love homeschooling with Sonlight. And often, when kids love doing something, they ask to do it more.

I know my siblings and I would often beg for "one more chapter!" I believe the chant went something like: "Read more! Read more! Read more!"

Have your children ever asked to do more school?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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