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We're beginning our 13th year of homeschooling, the 9th (I think) with Sonlight. I was out of town on Box Day, so guess what? Mom was left out of the excitement. I got a call saying, "Our Sonlight box is here! Can we open it?????" Being the unselfish mom that I am, I said yes. And because I wasn't there, that's the end of my story--and there are no pictures. :-(

-Laura L.

P.S. When I got home, all the books were sorted and arranged for me to check them against the invoice, and the girls were telling me all about the ones they could hardly wait to read and asking when they we could start school. My oldest student (the oldest child is heading for college in a month) has already started into her high school program, Core 300, as she can't wait until August! She was sad that her IG didn't arrive with the books in May as she wanted to start on Box Day! Thank you Sonlight!

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