Watch #4: How Is the Past Being Used in the Present?

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I had probably been a Christian for 25 years when I really thought about what Moses' life looked like. Forty years trained in Pharaoh's court. He knew court protocol! Then forty years of survival training in the desert, keeping sheep alive.

And when he was 80, God took both those halves of his life, and used them both. (Do you think there were many court-trained shepherds? He may have been the only one.)

This fascinates me. It's like God is the world's best recycler, taking random pieces of our lives and using them, repurposing them, for his glory.

What does this look like?

A minor example: my love of baking, developed in elementary school, spilled over into monthly gatherings with a lot of home-cooked food. I am comfortable in the kitchen.

Or a more serious example: I have a friend who says, "My bout of post-partum depression (PPD) helps me enter in to the pain other PPD moms might feel. I pray better, and am a better friend, as a result."

Can you think of some examples in your own life? Ways that your life and experience in the past is being used in the present?

Maybe a better word than recycler would be redeemer.

Thanks be to God.

In Thanksgiving,

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