Watch #3: Random People Coming to Mind?

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I received this from a godly mentor, and I pass it along to you.

Have you ever had someone totally random come to mind? Like your best friend in kindergarten who moved away and you never spoke to again?

I encourage you to pray for those random people who pop into your brain.

I expect we're all in need of prayer, and I suspect that God brings those people to mind specifically because they need extra prayer.

Of course, because these are random people, it's really hard to know how to pray, but if I think of something specific, I pray for it. Otherwise, I pray that God would be close to the person, that they would be open to what he's doing . . . something general like that.

And because these are random people, you might never know what these prayers do.

But I have one specific memory where my suspicion (that God brings those people to mind) was confirmed. I had a high school friend that I lost touch with after a school transfer. Twelve years later she randomly came to mind, and I prayed for her. The next week, I heard that, around that time I prayed, her family was going through a really hard time.

From my perspective, as much as I can acknowledge the upheaval in her life, I am incredibly thankful to be part of the body of Christ, and that I was permitted and called to pray for her. It is astonishing to me to think that God would interconnect us all so beautifully. That as sad as she might have felt, God was supporting her, through the body of Christ.

This is not meant to be a guilt thing, like, "these random people need prayer!" For me, I can easily fall into the self-condemnation of, "I was ignoring the prompting of the Holy Spirit!" And that makes me feel like a failure, and I shut down and don't want to pray at all.

Rather, this is meant to be an invitation thing. Because even if I don't always remember to pray, if I remember once this month, that is once more than I might have otherwise.

And it's a way that I can see God at work, and participate. Because, busy as I might be, I can take 15 seconds to pray.


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