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It amuses me when people say something and then add that it was "totally random."

Umm, no. Your brain made very specific jumps--even if you didn't follow them--to get you from wherever we were a moment ago to the where we are now. It may appear random to those who didn't follow all those jumps, but it was anything but.

In fact, one of my wife's favorite Pinky and the Brain episodes explores this very idea.

Where was I?

Oh yes: This post may appear random but is, in fact, a bunch of smaller bits that were too disjointed to fit into a cohesive post... hence: "Random."

The latest winner of the Digital Flatline contest has been determined. This contest was for Sonlight students to create six icons with the theme of Christmas. You can see all the entrees here, but the winner was Meredith:

Congratulations, Meredith!

I'm thrilled with the response I've had from my post on Friday. What fun!

I love hearing about homeschool dads who discover the joy of reading with their kids. I must admit that sometimes I'm rather grumpy about reading to Brittany because reading can make me really tired. But whenever I'm reading a great book, I'm reminded of the joy of reading aloud to others. It is a blast!

I'm pretty sure I signed my tithe check 1/4/08 yesterday.


Nevil was so excited about getting to his food last night that he ran down my arm and fell off. In the process he ripped off half my arm trying to stay on. I have a rather nasty scrape, the origin of which I could not figure out this morning.


That's it for the moment. I don't have much time to write today. Sorry. But there is plenty of material to read in my Other Posts of Note, in case you forgot that was there <smile>.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. recreational scholar

    Hey Luke- When I glanced at your title I thought you were talking about radon stuff and was set to give you advise we learned while finishing our basement. So -see it was a perfect example of randam stuff. :)


  2. Luke

    Jen, maybe I need a little less Radon in my diet <smile>. I totally didn't even realize that I had a typo in my title--largely because Blogger doesn't underline things in the title field alerting me to the fact that my brain had left my fingers behind (the problem has since been fixed <smile>).

    That would be more random stuff to be included. Fun, but random <smile>.

    Thanks for laughing along with me.


  3. Julie

    first, why are you reading to Brittany? Are you practicing for the near future?? I found it amusing...if it makes you grumpy..don't do it, like, isn't she already educated?? LOL! Sorry. It just hit me funny. Second, I wanted to ask you...last Christmas Sonlight sent out a cool little thingy filled with ya'll suggestions of extra books for kids, you know, all of ya'll favorites. Well, I ordered like a ton of them because I have an avid reader that I cannot keep occupied and one book keeps reappearing around the house being read and it occured to me....it must've been you who picked it. Did you pick "Barrel of Laughs, A Vale of Tears" by Jules Feiffer? My son reads it over and over and when I read it I laughed uncontrollably. Just thought of you when I saw it this a.m.

  4. Luke


    I hadn't really thought of that because it's so natural for us <smile>. I read to Brittany for two reasons:

    1. I like reading out loud sometimes and it allows us both to get through a book at the same pace. Brittany reads way, way faster than I do so this keeps us on the same page. It's also an experience we can then share together... in quintessential Sonlight fashion.

    2. Brittany likes my company while she makes dinner and having me read is a way for her to keep me around and engaged while she does so. We also listen to podcasts while she prepares dinner when I'd rather not read.

    But, you're right: The third reason is that I want to get even better before I'm reading to my kids. It is practice.

    "A Barrel of Laughs, a Vale of Tears" is absolutely one of mine <smile>. I laugh every time I read it too. I'm not exactly pleased that it is left laying around your house for you to pick up, but I'm glad it's being read again and again!


  5. Jana, Mom to Mr. Q and Miss E + 7

    Hey Hey where is this list of favorite books??? I wasn't a part of sonlight then. I need to build a library for the two babies and 8 grandbabies I have. SA I can practice reading outloud more.

  6. Luke


    No such list is currently available. Several of those titles were available in the Christmas Sale, but that is now over.

    Another such offer may reappear in the future, so keep your eyes pealed (or keep reading this blog <smile>).

    If you have all the Sonlight titles and are looking for even more great books, I suggest you poke around on the forums. They talk about books there too <smile>.


  7. Julie

    Hope I didn't start something there! That reading thing is cool...it must be the way you were brought up! LOL! I like my husband to be there while I cook too but his absence usually due to work stuff...but he does like to read in "his" chair while i cook...hmmm. Oh, my husband reads much slower than I do too...must be a guy thing, or a girl thing!!
    Oh--and I didn't mean "laying around" in a bad way, I mean someone always seems to be reading it so it's never on the shelf--see?

  8. Luke


    Actually, I think it would a great idea to have our favorites listed somewhere, and I'm not sure why we don't have such a page on Sonlight.com.

    And reading out loud must be part of my upbringing. How odd <laughing>.

    I realize that it means the book is getting much love, which is fantastic. I'm glad that it isn't being left on the floor to be stepped on, which can also happen when a book is well loved but not well taken care of <smile>.


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