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Remember that T-Shirt Design Contest I told you about?

Well, it's almost over.

Which means, you need to get your submissions in pronto.

'But, Luke,' you're thinking, 'I tried to upload my image. But I got a message about it being the "wrong file type" even though it was the right kind!'

Hmm... good point. Turns out--we discovered today--that Internet Explorer changed image MIME definitions to a non-standard form some time in the past and that threw off everyone who was ignorant of this issue (namely: me). I'm not even sure what a MIME type definition is, but thankfully I've got smart people here to help me. So, it's fixed.

In other words:

You no longer have an excuse!

Submit your design to Sonlight's 2010 T-Shirt Design Contest.

Do it.

Do it now!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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