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We had our company Christmas party over lunch today, so I am now suffering from a "food coma" and everything's ...kinda ...fuzzy.

So rather than subject you to my calorie addled thoughts, I'm going to share two fun links with you.

First, I bumped into this in my RSS Reader: - a humorous site with some potentially helpful videos. They're a little basic, but just right for someone who isn't super hip when it comes to the power of the internets and computer boxes.

Second, I got an email a few days ago which mentioned the "McGurk Effect" which I hadn't heard of before. This clip demonstrates what the McGurk Effect is and talks a little about how it works:


Oh, and remember that if you want to get anything from Sonlight's Christmas sale in time for Christmas, you need to order by the end of today.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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