Transitions Toward Adulthood

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I have several friends in their first year of college. To varying degrees, they are all struggling with the tension of becoming an adult while still being under their parents' care. It's an awkward time. I remember my own transition, and even with fantastic parents like mine there were still issues we had to work through.

So now I'm wondering: Are there steps up to this point? Are clothing/hair style choices, learning to ride a bike, piercings, sleeping over at friend's houses, driver's licenses, significant others, curfews, and the like all part of this transition into adulthood? Or is there something different about this particular stage in life?

I'd love to hear your insights!

How did you prepare for or handle the changes? What advice would you give to parents struggling with their children growing up? What do you wish your parents had told you as you grew up? Is there anything you've shared with your own kids that helped them through the tension of wanting to be grown up while still having a long way to go?

Please share, because I'm curious and I'd like to be able to encourage my friends!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

P.S. I had the opportunity to chat with The Sociable Homeschooler this morning. It was fun. Come listen as I ramble about homeschooling, media production, adoption, and more (my bit starts at 15:20).

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