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Well, just as a reminder, this blog looked like this yesterday:

Old Blog Template

I think it's better now--even if the yellow is a tad intense <smile> ...okay, be honest: is it too much in your opinion?

Speaking of "too much," Google announced CADIE today. And if you haven't checked out her blog yet, you really should. I'm one of her thousands of friends!

CADIE's Friend

You still can't order anything from Sonlight yet--as of 3:19pm MST--but we're working hard on getting the system up and running again. Last I heard, we're still on target for 5pm MST.

As for me, I need to head home and start preparing for a party.

Happy GoLive, April 1, 2009!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. Heather the Mama Duk

    Okay, Luke, my husband helped me figure out why I am so bothered by the yellow. I thought it might just be my eyes (I have some pre-glaucoma issues going on), but he had a problem with it (and Sonlight's main site, too) as well.

    The thing is, we have a widescreen monitor so we end up with 3-4" of incredibly bright yellow on both sides of the main stuff on the pages. I called my mom and had her go to the site and she said she sees about 1 1/2" of yellow on either side and it is quite pleasant. So I made my browser smaller so only 1 1/2" shows on each side for me and it is quite nice.

    Jamie said to tell you our resolution is 1680x1050.

  2. Esthermay

    Yellow = less than 1/4" on the right and about 1/2" on the left. No biggie here.
    However, yellow IS a bad color for blogworld. But this is SONlight!!
    Overall, I like the change very much. The three column layout makes it seem very business/professional. Also like the menu bar - so non-Blogger like :)

  3. Laurel

    I like the bright and sunny-ness of the yellow, but it's a tad intense. Maybe it could be a smidgen more pale?

  4. Jana

    I love it !!!

  5. Luke

    Heather, that would do it! The site is about 900 pixels wide, so you have a lot of yellow going on <smile>. Glad it was an easy fix.

    Esthermay, thanks so much! Glad you like it. And, if you haven't tried the Search feature, you should. I think it's great!

    Laurel, I'd have to convince the rest of the Sonlight peeps to drop the yellow down a bit. Not sure if that's going to happen any time soon. And if it's not urgent, we'll work on other things. But I'll keep your feedback in mind. Thanks!

    Jana, so glad to hear it! <smile>

    Thank you all for your feedback.


  6. Wardeh @ Such Treasures


    I think the transformation looks fantastic! I have a 1920 pixels wide display and keep my browser to about 2/3 of the width (my mail in the other 1/3). So not too much yellow here. It is strong, but not too strong!

    You've done a great job!

    I'm going to go peek at the Sonlight website now to see what's going on over there. I was really excited to see Teaching Textbooks 4 in the new catalog!


  7. ~ Angi :)

    Bring on the brightness, dude. I can take it.

    Of course, I am a rather cheerie sort, so it might impact my preferences. :P

  8. Ken

    Kudos Luke. It all looks great. The yellow was a bold stroke. We like it.

  9. Meg_L

    okay, I'm going to be different. I don't like the new look.

    It's toooooo....commercial looking I guess. Not very personal and comfy.

    Just my 2 cents.

  10. Luke

    Wardeh, glad to hear it! <smile>

    Angi, that may have something to do with it <laughing>.

    Ken, thanks! I didn't choose the colors (our web designer did)... I just stole it for my blog <smile>.

    Meg, that's a really good point. I'll have to think about that some more because while I want this blog to be personal and comfy, this is my blog for Sonlight and I want it to reflect the current site so people know that. ...that's going to be hard balance to strike, but thanks for encouraging me to think about that. If you have any ideas as to how I could make it more comfy, I'd appreciate it!

    Thank you all so much!


  11. Lisa

    I'll all for changing blog backgrounds, as mine changes with the seasons (or with my whims). The yellow seems fine to me.

  12. Grateful for Grace

    Oh, Luke! I hope you will participate in my monthly memorial stones in words!! It sounds like you certainly appreciate rememebering and celebrating what God has done in your life. Why not write them down to keep and share???

    Oh, and normally I not much of a yellow fan, but I like the look.


  13. Luke

    Lisa, glad you approve <smile>.

    GfG, I really should do that. Thanks for the nudge.