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At least two major events happened this day in history: Pearl Harbor was attacked and, 45 years later, my little brother was born. [Aside: My sister-in-law was born 20+ years ago on 9/11. I arrived the day before.] Sometimes dates come with both highs and lows.

You don't know my little brother as the bothersome sibling who always got me in trouble until he finally grew up into the super cool guy that he is today. You probably know Justin more from the MathTacular and Discover & Do fame.

[Speaking of MathTacular, you can now officially and publicly Like MathTacular on Facebook. <hint, hint>]

In honor of Justin's birthday, I'd love it if you'd share your favorite Justin Memory. Which activity from MathTacular or Discover & Do* is your favorite?


I'd have to say the activities with Commutative Man are my favorites. But that's probably more self-serving than anything. <smile>

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

*Please don't mention activities from Discover & Do K, as that is Ike, not Justin. And definitely don't say that your favorite Justin segment is in Discover & Do 3 as that is hosted by my wife and not my brother.

Thank you. <smile>

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  1. Smack

    thanks for the post script heads up lol

  2. Sarita

    I love it when Justin in (full tux) sings the days of the week. Priceless.

  3. Happy Elf Mom

    Elf and Emperor LOVE MathTacular 4! Elf has severe word problem problems... but he is doing these easily. Emperor is not! I'm floored. *SOMETHING* is covered differently in MathTacular that was not in the other programs we've done (Singapore, Everyday Mathematics, Horizons).

    Maybe the super-extraneous information is throwing Emperor off, but I am seeing a side of him I have never seen before. He's usually very good at math and is two years ahead of Elf even though he ought be two years BEHIND in school.

    I think the MathTacular is bringing out a weakness I didn't know my son had. I mean... that's ok. But I didn't know it was there before. So it's all good because then we can work on it.

    The word problems are very cute, though.

  4. Luke

    You're welcome, Smack <smile>.

    Yeah, the Days of the Week song is pretty awesome <smile>.

    Glad to know MathTacular4 is working... even if it is also raising awareness of areas that need more work. Thanks, Mrs. C!


  5. mommyx12

    Silly me. I have no idea what math tacular is. I am going to be learning something new today!

  6. Luke

    <smile> Hope you enjoy MathTacular as much as I do, Mommyx12!


  7. Lykosh

    Luke, you have a brother-in-law with a 9/11 birthday, too.

  8. Luke

    Oh my, so I do. ...not sure how that slipped my mind. Thanks, Lykosh! <smile>