The Weakest Pipe

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The main artery from my house clogs on a fairly regular basis.

Clogged Pipe

My sewer main is cracked at every joint. Roots constantly grow into the pipe, trapping things we'd rather have leave. Why not just get the pipe replaced?

That's pricey. Sadly, someday, it will come to that.

One clog and the whole system stops working. And, when we don't realize it in time, I find myself in an inch of water. Not fun.

Something similar happened to our website at 2am this morning.

As of writing, the "clog" still hasn't been opened.

In many ways it's sad that the problem was created by someone outside of Sonlight. It would be easier to fix if it was something we had control over. On the other hand... I'm glad it wasn't me <smile>.

I'd appreciate your prayers for the many people working on resolving the site issue. I know several people have been plugging away at it all day, and it's still not functional. That's not good because it's much harder to serve you--and the many other homeschoolers we hear from every day--when the site isn't fully functional.

Thank you for your prayers!

What "little" things have recently thrown off your groove?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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