The Waterpark and Best Laid Plans

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I didn't post yesterday. I was going to be enjoying the sun and fun of the waterpark with my wife and best friend.

The Waterpark

Instead, I was on my back. In bed. For the second day in a row.

Yep. I was so sick I even missed Church on Sunday. I just lay there and slept and sweated feverishly. Let me tell you, I'd much rather have been sweating in the hot sun between rides down a thrilling water ride in a giant inner tube.

I'm still not feeling very well.

I was going to ask about your plans and activities for this summer before school starts. But that was before my own plans were foiled.

Speaking of foiled plans... I'm going to try a new import method for this blog to Facebook. We'll see if that works better. I sure have missed the Facebook peoples over the past couple weeks.

So, some plans--like importing your blog to Facebook--can be tweaked and still succeed (here's hoping!). But others--like visiting a waterpark on your carefully selected day off--just go awry entirely.

Any plans you've had to tweak recently?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Noble

    I've had to tweak the plan of being a stay at home mom. Due to a severe paycut at my husband's job it is now very necessary for me to find full time work. So, for the time being, we also have to 'put aside' our plan for homeschooling. We will still do afterschooling and definitely weekend schooling (read: Roadtrip!), but not full time homeschooling.


    I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you are better soon.

    Well, I guess I had lots of plans for the summer, and if I'm lucky, only half of them will get done. (We are constantly in a state of remodeling our house. Every summer, I hope that we will finish. Every summer, we don't.

    I'm also going to be homeschooling part-time again, but I'm much more excited about it this time around. :-)

  3. sumpteretc

    We are in a constant process of tweaking. Our work in Mongolia has changed dramatically from what we had originally envisioned. However, we don't usually have to tweak Sonlight much at all; we pretty much use it right out of the box.

  4. homeschoolmom

    Well, since you asked about changing plans I thought I'd share--we just had to cancel our plans to attend a friend's wedding this Friday because the wife of one of my hubby's coworkers was killed in a car accident on Monday. So now we'll be attending a funeral on Friday instead. Please pray for Ryan and his 3 boys as they go through this dark time and that God would reveal Himself and His Love to them.

  5. Julie

    Our main tweaking recently has been to move everything in our house to a different room. Well, not everything, but our schoolroom is now in what was our dinning room and my husband has to move his office back upstairs (read....2000lbs of books hauled up narrow open basement stairs). Its pretty cool. Pretty excited about our upcoming trip to Denver....'specially since it's gonna be like a 2nd honeymoon w/o kids.... :)

  6. Luke

    Noble, I'm sorry to hear that. May your full time position be a blessing to both you and your family for however long you need to stay in it.

    Cherish, may this next round of homeschooling be awesome! <smile> And as for remolding... we're kinda doing that... kinda... more like "home improvements" and slowly clearing out the junk of our lives.

    That's great to hear, Sumpteretc! <smile> And I'm glad you've been able to adjust with your work in Mongolia.

    Will do, Stephanie.

    Lord, I ask that you be with Ryan and the boys as they grieve the loss of their wife/mom. Be near them and comfort them. Strengthen and encourage them and may those around them know how best to help and support them in this time. Extend your grace and Your peace. Cover them with Your love. Amen.

    Julie, my wife was just rearranging our basement last night <smile>. And, yes, Denver is great!