The Testing of Your Emails

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There's a nice little verse in the Bible that reminds us that the testing of your faith ultimately leads to more maturity and less lacking.

But testing emails we plan to send out to large groups of people is proving to be testing my patience at the moment. Not because it's hard, but because the system isn't working. Well, it's half working, which makes me even more confused and less certain as to what I should be doing.


I guess it's time for my technology caveat:

I do love me some technology ...when it works

Hopefully the weekend will give the system the time it needs to think about what its done and decide to shape up <smile>.

And may the tests you face ultimately lead to more maturity and less lacking in your life as well. Take a deep breath, and carry on!

<long breath in>

<hold it>

<and out...>

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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