The Stories in Sonlight Books Continue

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One of the incredible benefits of reading missionary biographies is that missions work is ongoing. This means that we have the opportunity to see the impact of the past on things happening today (for example, the excitement of prayer putting books out of print).

I stumbled across another example this morning.

Taryn Hayes wrote about finding a blog which continues the story of And the Word Came with Power: "For us to leap from 1980-something to 2011 in the space of a few minutes of reading felt like time travel."

Seriously: Go read the rest of the post.

I found it encouraging and exhilarating to see, once again, that the stories we read about in Sonlight continue to this day. Due to the faithfulness of God and those who follow Him, His kingdom advances and we are privileged to be invited to come along.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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