The Return

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My wife should be home in about an hour after spending a couple weeks with her family. And I was reminded of just how hard it is to motivate yourself when there's no one else home.

I envy that aspect of your life: A house full of young-uns.

No, I don't envy the sleep deprivation, changing the sheets after an accident, naughty behavior, or any of the other problematic things that come with children. But the same is true of the things I didn't miss while Brittany was gone: I could come home whenever I wanted from work, I could chat with Jason when he got home and not worry about neglecting my wife, I could eat all the frozen wheat-free cookie dough...

But the blessings, the many, many blessings far outweigh any negatives.

Thus, as I make the drive to the airport tonight, I'll be longing for the day when we'll be driving home from the airport with our kids in the car with us...

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. Ariana

    The negatives can sure be exhausting but it's true.. the blessings always outweigh.

    I'm glad Brittany is coming home and I'm praying that your kids will be coming home soon, too.

  2. se7en

    Oh won't it be great to be back together again! I will tell you a secret all he negatives count for nothing when they are your own kids - trust me on this, ask any mother!!! I can't speak for fathers but all the accidents my kids have, all the mid-night wake up calls, all the apparent negatives count for nothing with my own kids... Really I am not sure when the rose-tinted glasses are supposed to wear off but after twelve years of mothering everything still looks terribly rosy. I really can just forgive and forget... completely, without any effort... bizarre!!! but part of God's perfect plan I guess!!!

  3. Rosslyn Elliott

    I'll be so happy for you when I hear about that airport drive. Foreign adoption rocks.

  4. Luke

    Ariana, thanks for your continued prayers. They are very much appreciated.

    Se7en, that is great to hear! <smile> Sometimes the horror stories are pretty frightening. But, yes: You can move beyond the problems.

    Rosslyn <smile>.