The Places Production Takes You

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Today we were doing some audio corrections for the upcoming MathTactular DVD (which is not yet in that bundle because we aren't quite to the technological level of Spaceballs).

In college I read about a sound guy who found himself in all sorts of odd locations to get the sound clips he needed. Well, today, we ended up in my daughters' room trying to recreated the "audio space" of Detective Justin Time's headquarters.

Fixing Audio

We also needed to find a place to simulate the acoustic tone of a gusty snowy hill with a major freeway in the distance.

That we did in a small parking lot behind Sonlight to get away from the hum of summer bugs.

And this reminded me of a fun little activity to do, especially if today has felt harried: Take a few minutes to sit quietly somewhere. Take a pen and paper and write down every distinct sound you hear. There are many more than you'd initially think. It will give you a new appreciation for how much happens around you, and yet it's almost peaceful.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father (still)

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  1. Heather the Mama Duk

    That would be kind of fun, trying to figure out where to go to get a sound you need. How the sounds were gotten is not something you think about when watching a video.

  2. Mrs. C

    This post made me sad. Your daughters' room is not supposed to be quiet. :[

  3. Luke

    Heather, I found the exercise very interesting.

    Mrs. C, I agree. ...well, it'd better be mostly quiet when it's bed time <smile>.


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