The Joy of Being Educated

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My mom has a growing collection of comic strips. She clips them from the newspaper or a magazine when they require you to have an education to find them funny. While this one* is not in her file, I think it could be.

This kind of cultural literacy--or whatever you want to call it--is one of the often overlooked values of education: the enormous interest it adds to life.

What interests have you found have been added to your life as you pursue a lifelong education in your homeschool?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

*NB: The webcomic xkcd is--while very clever and often too intelligent for me--not always family friendly. You have been warned.

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  1. sumpteretc

    Did you mouse over the comic strip? It gives an extra little bonus that might forever change the way you read Emily Dickinson?

  2. Mamadala

    I love xkcd. I like how this one requires both knowledge of classic poetry, and modern cultural literacy - a twofer!

  3. Missy

    Singing Gilligans Island as I type. lol Seriously though, I have been having the discussion about being educated rather than just plugging through and getting finished. I think my daughter may be getting the point. I never went to college but I feel that I am educated.

    I remember a dream I recently had where I did not want to finish my high school diploma. I remember being so very sad and waking to that same sadness. It was a physical pain till I remembered it was a dream and not real. I want that same desire for my daughter.

  4. Luke

    Yep, funny stuff, Supteretc. <smile>

    Mamadala, absolutely a twofer.

    Yes, education is much more than merely "finishing" school, Missy. Good point.