The IG: Schedule, Notes, and Love

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Yesterday I mentioned our Instructor's Guides. And it turns out that our IGs are super important.

We've been asking for feedback from customers about how much they've enjoyed using Sonlight. So far the results are stellar: Homeschool families love being Sonlighters.

Which is awesome.

What's even more telling, however, is that there is over a 10 point difference between the satisfaction level of those who use our IGs and those who don't. Those who get the whole "Sonlight experience" with an IG--the schedule, notes, answer keys, activities--absolutely love using Sonlight. That's because Sonlight is so much more than a very large pile of books. It's an entire package.

Those who forgo the Instructor's Guide and only buy books and materials from us tend to be highly satisfied, but not nearly as much. With our current data it looks like they rate us 13 points lower than their friends who purchase an IG.

The message is clear: One of many incredible aspects of Sonlight is the Instructor's Guide. You just don't experience Sonlight without it.

We want families to be thrilled with their homeschool journey, and so we're trying to get the word out: You will have a better time if you get the completely Sonlight experience with an IG.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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