The Doldrums

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In The Phantom Tollbooth--one of my favorite books--our hero, Milo, ends up in the Doldrums. That is the place where "nothing ever happens and nothing ever changes." Milo is eventually rescued by Tock, a literal watchdog. They leave the Doldrums. And the adventure picks up speed.

But as we move into Day 2 of the Sonlight shopping cart dysfunction, I'm feeling a bit like Milo. I'm in the doldrums. Nothing's happening, and nothing's changing. For all our diligent work, the problem is still not resolved at this time.

Technology is amazing. Computers and websites allow us to do so much quickly, efficiently and all over the world. But when something goes wrong with technology, I tend to stagnate. I get bogged down.

But I shouldn't.

Sonlight's Instructor's Gudies are tools, but you aren't bound to them. They are flexible enough to let you do something else if it's not working for you at the moment. Similarly, the grinding halt of technology should not cause a halt in our lives. Technology is a tool. We can work without it.

So, grab one of your favorite books, enjoy it with your children, and--Lord willing--we'll be back to full speed ahead on our adventure soon. I've found that a good book can be an excellent "watchdog" to get me out of the doldrums. Have you?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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