The Coriolis Fountain Blew My Mind

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Physics. I did well in that class in high school. I've long loved centripetal force, spinning buckets of water around without spilling a drop. Even today I discover things about the world that just make me stop and stare. The most recent example: The Coriolis Fountain at the San Francisco Exploratorium.

Here's a video:

I know, right!? I stood their and spun the thing over and over again. I read the description detailing why it does that. I gave the nob another turn and then read the placard again. I simply could not get over how crazy this thing was. The video is cool, but it was far more mind blowing to be there and make the water spin the "wrong" way. I rotated the nozzles once more before reading the description yet another time.

It seems like it'd be fairly easy to make one of these things using bendy straws.

I love this about learning, about discovering the world, about seeing the unbelievable as reality. It's so simple. All you need in a little hands-on science and it happens! There's so much to learn, to discover, to have your perspective shifted just enough to let another "impossibility" become real.

May we never lose that, and may we continue to give our children a chance to wonder at creation.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Pseudo-Dad

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