The Best Part of Being an Adult

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The scoop, laden with a generous helping of ice cream, is halfway to my mug when she walks in. It's 8:53 in the morning.

"How's it going?" she asks.

"Good. I'm having some ice cream; the breakfast of champions."

She smiles quietly. "That's one of the best things about being an adult," she replies.

Finishing My Breakfast

Being an adult: So much freedom coupled tightly with profound responsibilities. There's a certain joy to things like eating ice cream in the morning. If I did it every day, that'd be a problem. But the occasional indulgence has yet to ruin my health.

As adults, we choose what we eat, where we work, when we go to bed, how we spend our evenings--privileges children rarely enjoy. Granted, these choices are limited by time, finances, opportunities, and the like. Still, most of our choices are ruled only by our priorities.

As a homeschooled student, my afternoons were open to me. Once my work was completed, I was free to pursue my interests. So I explored computer game programming, writing, and making movies. I had opportunities to make choices about how I invested my time. And while it wasn't exactly like eating ice cream for breakfast, it was one of the best things about being a homeschooler.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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