The 411 on 4.4.11

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We're a month out from a big day online. Google typically does something for April 1. Many others do too. But they don't have Wikipedia pages detailing their efforts; hence, no link.

Sonlight also has a big day online. We update the site to include the latest in the Catalog.

...unless it's a weekend.

'It's not a weekend this year,' you may be thinking. 'The latest and greatest in homeschool curriculum will be mine!'


Please, don't shoot the messenger.

April 1 is a Friday this year. We're making some huge updates to the website. We're assuming there will be one or two bugs we'll need to squash which will only show up after you start tromping around the site. And we'd rather not force you to live with bugs for an entire weekend. And so we've made the difficult choice to...


...postpone the website/catalog launch until April 4, 2011.



And that, my friends, is the 411 on 4.4.11.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Dawn @ Two-Handed Mommy

    LOL - we *might* forgive you, Luke! ;)

  2. Yara

    I'm good with that! That gives me a 4 days to go through & figure out what we need, and get those items into our budget by payday that week ; )
    I appreciate not having to wait a full week before I can take action : )

  3. Emily

    You just made me a liar to my kids. I told them that one month from today we'd be buying Core 3. I'll forgive you, Luke, but I don't know if my kids will. ;)

  4. Mom Of E's

    OH!!! NO!!! I'll just pretend I didn't read that....

  5. se7en

    Love your bug, Ducks!!!

  6. Melinda S.

    As long as I can get my hard-copy catalog in my hot little hands by then, I'll survive. If guarantees! :)

    (What it must be, to be a company where customers are desperate for your ADS! )

  7. The Reader

    What???? So not fair to us internationals with no hope whatsoever of getting the print catalog any time soon. -SIGH-

    I *guess* bug-free debut, or super-fast-bug-squishing-debut, is worth it. Maybe.

    Off to move the "SL catalog" notation on my calendar over to the 4th instead of the 1st.....

  8. Luke

    Emily, a lie is something said the purposely deceive. An untruth is something that simply wasn't correct. I believe I made your comment to your kids something that wasn't true. I don't think you lied. I hope they will forgive me for that <smile>.

    Melinda, I do work for a fantastic company with some of the best customers in the world <smile>.

    We should have a digital copy of the Catalog available for perusal prior to April 1. You just won't be able to buy anything from it on the website or see the changes on the site until April 4.

    Hang in there, friends!