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The keys of the keyboard rhythmically tap out a beat: ctrl+tab, ctrl+a [click] ctrl+c, ctrl+v ...repeat: ctrl+tab, ctrl+a [click] ctrl+c, ctrl+v...

Thirty-six times.

It could be enjoyable if the task wasn't so annoying. I feel my eye twitch. The muscles in my back, neck and arms start to spasm. I'm quickly going mad.


Some days are filled with thankless, mindless, tedious tasks. It's not a side of life we like to dwell on, especially when we're trying to convince others that what we do is great. Who am I kidding? There are days I'm trying to convince myself that what I do is great.

But even great things are sometimes less than thrilling; like, changing diapers, dealing with food issues or folding laundry. Raising kids is a great thing, but it's not always glamorous, fun or even remotely interesting. Sometimes it's just frustrating toil.

Word of the Day
Ennui: boredom (pronunciation here)

Whatever dull and boring tasks you find yourself doing today, may they be completed quickly so you can move on to more enjoyable things--like reading great books!

...on the other hand, is it just me, or does reading the same early reader for the umpteenth time sometimes get a little tedious too?

It must just be me.


 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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  1. homeschoolmom


  2. Michelle

    Nope - not just you...

  3. Betty

    I have to agree. I have six children, and just did the clothing switch out. It was tedious, and for the most part is was quite boring, except for getting out the baby girl clothes, we hadn't seen in four years. Great post.

  4. Luke

    Glad it's not just me <smile>.

    Thanks, Betty! My wife likes looking at the clothes she has for the girls too, though I know sorting clothes gets tedious.