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The keys of the keyboard rhythmically tap out a beat: ctrl+tab, ctrl+a [click] ctrl+c, ctrl+v ...repeat: ctrl+tab, ctrl+a [click] ctrl+c, ctrl+v...

Thirty-six times.

It could be enjoyable if the task wasn't so annoying. I feel my eye twitch. The muscles in my back, neck and arms start to spasm. I'm quickly going mad.


Some days are filled with thankless, mindless, tedious tasks. It's not a side of life we like to dwell on, especially when we're trying to convince others that what we do is great. Who am I kidding? There are days I'm trying to convince myself that what I do is great.

But even great things are sometimes less than thrilling; like, changing diapers, dealing with food issues or folding laundry. Raising kids is a great thing, but it's not always glamorous, fun or even remotely interesting. Sometimes it's just frustrating toil.

Word of the Day
Ennui: boredom (pronunciation here)

Whatever dull and boring tasks you find yourself doing today, may they be completed quickly so you can move on to more enjoyable things--like reading great books!

...on the other hand, is it just me, or does reading the same early reader for the umpteenth time sometimes get a little tedious too?

It must just be me.


 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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