Tape the Box Back Up

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My family went over to the M. house for a cookout & play time. When I walked into my friend's kitchen, there were two Sonlight boxes stacked on the floor. Since I hadn't yet ordered for next year, I said, "O, did you get an order in?"

She said, "Yes, and you can look at them, if you want."

I quickly picked up a box and put it on the table (I love books) and then had to ask for some scissors. She said, "I had to tape it back up after I looked at them or I knew I'd just want to sit down and read them all. And, if the kids saw them, I knew we'd not get anything done!"

We love Sonlight! We are 4 year Sonlighters (I just ordered our 3rd Core for this year!) I have 4 kids: 8, 5, 4 & 2 who will all get a taste of Sonlight throughout the year.

Nate & Jill W. of Hugoton, KS

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