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How to Improve: Inspiration, Imitation, Implementation

I was showing off. There's no way to sugarcoat it. Thankfully, she seemed interested and genuinely impressed with my poetry. Awake. Bright cheery day enters from the gate, And so the shadows of the night all but dissipate. Then again, … Continue reading

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The purpose of Sonlight Language Arts

When I was in the ninth grade, my Language Arts program consisted of studying grammar for an entire year. I can diagram sentences with the best of them. But is that Language Arts? What about worksheets? Do they teach Language … Continue reading

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Fun Video on Metaphors

Metaphors steal us away from the humdrum march of words and descriptions. But for as cozy as I am with comparing an idea to something else, like a painter producing trees from blobs of paint, I enjoy the following video … Continue reading

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What's the Deal with Sonlight's Language Arts?

I ran across a fascinating discussion about Sonlight's Language Arts on Facebook. The original poster said she felt Sonlight's Language Arts was "a bit weak and abstract." The comments that follow are very encouraging: "Stick with it! You won't regret … Continue reading

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Learning by Copying . . .

I recently read a fascinating article in World Magazine's June 2nd publication (ok, so I'm a little behind on my reading). Titled the same as my blog entry, it talks about how professional artists gain valuable training by minicking the masters … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Vocabulary Practice

I'm not sure how it began. Suddenly we were spouting every word we could think of that started with the letter b: brains, bed, brix, blunderbuss, backwards, ballerina, bellicose, buffoon, bin, bobbin, birch... Yes, we're nerds. But we were having … Continue reading

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The Three most important things to teach...

I don't know how many times, when I am talking to homeschool parents, we get on the subject of what are THE most important things to teach our children. Besides transferring your core beliefs--such as your faith, and character traits … Continue reading

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