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Fun Video on Metaphors

Metaphors steal us away from the humdrum march of words and descriptions. But for as cozy as I am with comparing an idea to something else, like a painter producing trees from blobs of paint, I enjoy the following video … Continue reading

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What's the Deal with Sonlight's Language Arts?

I ran across a fascinating discussion about Sonlight's Language Arts on Facebook. The original poster said she felt Sonlight's Language Arts was "a bit weak and abstract." The comments that follow are very encouraging: "Stick with it! You won't regret … Continue reading

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Learning by Copying . . .

I recently read a fascinating article in World Magazine's June 2nd publication (ok, so I'm a little behind on my reading). Titled the same as my blog entry, it talks about how professional artists gain valuable training by minicking the masters … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Vocabulary Practice

I'm not sure how it began. Suddenly we were spouting every word we could think of that started with the letter b: brains, bed, brix, blunderbuss, backwards, ballerina, bellicose, buffoon, bin, bobbin, birch... Yes, we're nerds. But we were having … Continue reading

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The Three most important things to teach...

I don't know how many times, when I am talking to homeschool parents, we get on the subject of what are THE most important things to teach our children. Besides transferring your core beliefs--such as your faith, and character traits … Continue reading

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How to Improve

I've been thinking a lot about practice since Wednesday, when I encouraged you to praise practice. And while it's true that the way to learn good writing is to read and mimic good writing, this approach works for a great … Continue reading

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Praising Practice

My dad has often reminded me that an essay is literally a "try" or attempt. Paul Graham's essay on Essays makes much the same point. Writing, then, should often be viewed more as an attempt at getting better, rather than … Continue reading

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