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How to Run an Orderly Homeschool Without Being a Tyrant

Years from now, what will our kids remember about their homeschool experience?  Chances are that instead of remembering every book, fact, and project, our children will keenly remember how we made them feel during the homeschool day.  They’ll remember the … Continue reading

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How to Find the Time to Homeschool (Even if You Work)

If you need to or want to work, but still want quality time with your children and a stellar education, you can do it. Whether you want to homeschool them full-time or supplement the brick-and-mortar school they get during the day, … Continue reading

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Housekeeping #1

Over the years, this is one of the main questions that comes up for all homeschoolers: how do you manage to keep up with the housework? There are some capital-intensive answers, like get a Roomba or hire outside help. There … Continue reading

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