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How and When to Combine Children in Your Homeschool

Beginning to homeschool is rife with questions; homeschooling with multiple children even more so. While Sonlight curriculum resolves many of the problems a new homeschooler faces, it can be overwhelming to think about using a different History / Bible / … Continue reading

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Combining Children #5

5. Some Options to Schedule a School Day There are motivated children who get up before their parents and start school. I don’t have any of those. I think most people have breakfast before school. You get to do so … Continue reading

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Combining Children #4

4. Two Children with Different Reading Abilities If you have two children using the same program, you might have a more advanced reader and a less advanced reader. (This is most obvious when the two children are different ages, but … Continue reading

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Combining Children #3

3. Sonlight D and Later: Really? Use the Same Program? As you probably know, younger children have a shorter attention span, and a smaller vocabulary. Fine motor skills are still developing. The basics of decoding (early reading) happen at some … Continue reading

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Combining Children #2

2. What to Do When Your Oldest Is School-Age When my oldest, Jadon, was four, I also had two younger children. I didn't want to delay school with Jadon, who was a bookworm before he could speak, so I ended … Continue reading

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Combining Children

I have five children. I cannot imagine doing five Sonlight programs at the same time. I know there are families out there that manage . . . but that would be too much for me. So if you have more … Continue reading

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