Combining Children #5

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5. Some Options to Schedule a School Day

There are motivated children who get up before their parents and start school.

I don’t have any of those.

I think most people have breakfast before school. You get to do so when it works for you, whether it’s at 7am or 9am, or earlier or later. (One of the best parts of homeschooling, I think, is that I know that my children get the sleep they need. They have an approximate bedtime, and they wake up naturally in the morning.)

For me, I’ve found I do Bible most consistently when I read while the brothers are eating. But whether that specifically works for you or not, many families choose to do Bible first.

Alternately, some opt to do the most frustrating subject first and get it out of the way. (Presumably not while eating breakfast.)

Or if there’s a subject that you know could use a little extra practice, perhaps that always comes first, at least for a season, to make sure that subject gets covered.

After that initial burst, though . . .

Maybe you do table subjects™ first

If you choose to do table subjects first (as Sarita did), you have options.

I suspect that most moms have all their children do math at the same time. You are available to answer questions. (Or, like my mom did for the youngest brother, to sit next to a child and help him focus on each problem.)

After math, you can listen to reading and do spelling or creative writing one by one. Or, if your children are old enough, you can have one do creative writing with you, while the other goes to read independently.

After table subjects, which might be an hour or two, then you move to couch subjects as the pleasant end of your school day. The motivation of the happier subjects coming helps keep students focused.

Or maybe you do couch subjects™ first

I usually prefer to do the couch subjects first. I am not a morning person, and I like the comfort and good cheer that reading and connecting first thing allows for me and my boys. I don’t know if it makes the other subjects easier, but I am happier when we’ve had a fun morning.

In my house, the table subjects sometimes follow directly after the couch subjects, but more often, I fit them in as the day unfolds. The boys have an awful lot of free time, and are generally good-natured about breaking from their play for a bit to come and do math, and then, a little later, to come and do some more with me.

To conclude . . .

And, as another option, you might choose to reserve the Read-Alouds for the evening. That was what my mom did in our family growing up, which allowed my dad a part of the homeschooling. But my husband falls asleep when he reads aloud, so that doesn’t work in my family now. Sometimes I read at night, but sometimes my boys don’t have quite the focus I’d prefer (and the two-year-old gets really energetic!), and so I let them play and then head to bed.

Your day and your personality are different from mine. I hope you feel inspired to experiment to find your groove, and, when you find it, that you hold it loosely, as, at some point, your household and schedule will change. That’s part of life. And you’ll find your groove again.

Okay! Please let me know of any questions! Or send some comments! I love hearing from you, and I read every one!

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