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Stuff I Think You'll Find Interesting

Have you ever felt worn out defending your decision to homeschool? Have you been thinking about the latest Supreme Court ruling on marriage and how Christians should respond? Has someone asked you about socialization yet again? Have you been scouring … Continue reading

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Are you ok?

I was thinking of writing a post exploring why Calvin's teacher--from Calvin and Hobbes--is an unhappy person. But then I read Part 2 of Grateful for Grace's abortion story, and nothing I could write today could matter as much. The … Continue reading

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Forums, Friends, and Family

As I swung by Facebook earlier today to see what had happened there over the weekend, I was greeted with all the posts about the latest Forum updates. The more I thought about it, the more I appreciated the tremendous … Continue reading

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Technology and Translation

Jesus's ministry benefited from the "social network" of His day: The Roman roads. Never before in history--I'm told--was it so easy to travel. And with this ease, information could spread quickly. How much more true is this today! You may … Continue reading

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Taking the Plunge

You research. You consider. You weigh your options. But, at some point, you just have to go for it. That can be scary. Like jumping off the high dive for the first time. Whether you're deciding to support a missionary, … Continue reading

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No Longer Alone

Ever feel like you have to do it all? As homeschoolers we often relish our independence. Of course, we can also feel completely overwhelmed with the enormity of some of our tasks. This feeling of inadequacy is amplified when we … Continue reading

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Thank You!

Again and again this week I was struck by how grateful I am for you. You share your Box Day stories. You answer questions on various Forums around "the interwebs." You start fun things like a Sonlight Blog Roll. You … Continue reading

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