Technology and Translation

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Jesus's ministry benefited from the "social network" of His day: The Roman roads. Never before in history--I'm told--was it so easy to travel. And with this ease, information could spread quickly.

How much more true is this today!

You may have already heard about the 1,000 people who "crowdsourced" Scripture translation. Isn't it fantastic that people from all over the globe can connect on the internet to translate the Bible?

I was reminded of the amazing potential to reach millions of people from all walks of life when YouTube announced, for example, that a video shot in Brooklyn has been viewed more than 40 million times. Two hundred thousand of the views came from Brazil; that many also came from Russia. 1 out of 100 people in the Philippines have seen that video. As they say on the blog, "One of the great joys of a global platform is finding out that people from afar can relate, connect, and appreciate your videos."

But this goes way beyond videos. The internet allows us to chat with people in other countries. We can catch glimpses of the lives of friends we've never met via blogs. We can encourage one another and spur each other on to do good works. We can pray, share, praise, cry, and minister to one another sitting in front of our computers in our PJs.

It boggles my mind.

This morning, as we gathered for prayer, we got to read about Bible translation work in Central Asia ...yet another example of technology aiding translation.

Would you pray for us--here at Sonlight--that God would give us wisdom as we continue to consider all the ways we can serve you over the internet? Would you pray for the missions agencies we support, that they would know how to make the most of the tools available to them? And would you share what ministries, blogs, and tools you find most encouraging and exciting so we can celebrate the continuation of the spread of the Gospel together?

Thanks so much!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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